What Do The Levels Mean In Holsters?  

Within the majority of holsters, there are different levels and we have to know what the differences are among Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3 and what each level corresponds to.

Level 1

It is a simple holster, which when inserted is automatically secured and when it is unraveled, it is not necessary to touch any buttons, therefore, it does not require any extra action to draw. It is the fastest system at the time of drawing and if the holster is good at any time, we will get the gun.

Level 2

This allows you to enter it and it is automatically secured as the level 1 cover, but to remove it, there will be necessary to press a button on one of its sides normally. In these holsters, the pull-out button must be in a position that does not require a change in the pull-out action, for this reason, it is usually on the outer side of the sheath, forcing the user to activate the release button with the stretched finger and remove the weapon correctly.

In some cases, the button is on the inside to hide it, but this is not recommended because it slows down a lot.

Level 3

The holster of level 3 is the same as that of level 2 but with security and in many cases as a strap at the top, although it can also be of rigid material, but that is deactivated with another button. In any case, it needs to be placed manually and its deactivation slows down.

In the event that we think that we are going to use it, it is highly advisable to deactivate the insurance that makes it a third level.

In a way, the level 3 holsters are the only anti-theft holster while the holster of level 1 and 2 ensure the weapon. In the case of level two, ensure more in the case that could stay hooked in something; there are straps of security of short weapon.

Taking into account that the true anti-theft insurance, one does not need more than a holster of level 1, as it confers speed on the draw and eliminates mechanical means that can get stuck, for example, with mud. It is recommended to add the belt with a landyard.

If you want to add a security point more, a level 2 holster is fully valid and will force you to have the finger that squeezes the trigger well placed before being fired and not too slow the draw.

Level 3 holster are not recommended, but in case, you believe that the weapon will have to be used, you will have to deactivate the insurance that makes it level three, leaving it in level 2.

When you intend to buy one, make sure the purpose and the body part you want to carry the gun on as you can find belly band holster, ankle holsters or concealment holsters and a few other types.

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